Since this is undoubtedly going to be a larger subsection, I've put links to various sets of pictures from my externship experience here. However, it doesn't have to be just my pictures.....fellow CIA students, send pics to me (.jpg) and I will post them.

AND send stories...

AND if you can't do it electronically, my address is:

Glenn Kuehn (yes, that's my real you know)
1988 Rookery Bay Dr.
Apt. 802
Naples, FL 34114




Hotel (updated: 4-6-05)
Main Kitchen (updated: 5-15-05)
Kurrents (updated: 4-6-05)
Food (4-6-05)
Quinn's (4-6-05)
Easter Eggs (3-26-05)
Visitors (5-2-05)
A Special Banquet (4-24-05)
Bakeshop 5-2-05)