Pictures from Quinn's


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This is a bag of eggs
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Crabcakes to be
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Steve and Freddie

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We sweep often...this is the floor after a very hectic rush at the salad station

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Chef inspecting the lettuce
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He's not too happy
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It started to rain...we all had to go out and look
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Okay...finally another picture of me....this time with the weapon of choice...a beurre mixer
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Okay, let's figure out why these three containers of oil have been opened in these three different manors

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Reverse view

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Matt, in thought

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Heather and the Beurre Mixer

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Chris and Silviya

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Sometimes the orders come in and they require an inquiry into just what we're supposed to do. Each of the orders below contain a questionable element. Since the orders involve many abbreviations, I shall translate each for you.
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This reads:
1 Cobb salad, hold the crap

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This reads:

1 chocolate cheesecake to go, with extra honey mustard and extra ranch

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This reads:

1 chicken caesar salad, no salad, no chicken, plus turkey

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This reads:

2 fruit delight, grilled, balsamic vinaigrette on side

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This reads:

1 fried chicken salad with grilled cajun chicken, no salad, sauce on the side

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Chris and Patrick in the walk-in

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James visits
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Chris falls down
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My failed attempt for a clean re-filling of the banana sauce bottle
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Avocadoes after they've been on the line too too too long

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Max of many faces
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Chef moving fast on the line
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Yves...senior pastry chef
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The daily chef's meeting had to be held on the Quinn's line one day
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This is the best possible picture of Julie (banquets supervisor)
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a typical hot-line ticket
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makes you think twice about special ordering your food
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Rob is the "manager on duty" for the night
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This is about to become gazpacho
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This is about to become balsamic ketchup
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Crappy turkey
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The griddle drain...right after a rush
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It made me so frustrated I had to take two pictures of it
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