The main kitchen, with the areas for banquet, room service, garde manger, butchery, all the coolers/walk-ins, the storage room, baking, pastry, and so on, is rather large, so I'll be doing an on-going amassing of it....maybe I'll even map it someday


kitchen1.JPG (134544 bytes)
kitchen3.JPG (134915 bytes)
room service
kitchen4.JPG (140850 bytes)
general pic
kitchen5.JPG (155669 bytes)
garde manger
kitchen14.JPG (106201 bytes)
kitchen7.JPG (219790 bytes)
hall of linens
kitchen8.JPG (102212 bytes)
entrance to the store room
kitchen9.JPG (106903 bytes)
very large exit to a very large dishwasher
kitchen10.JPG (134135 bytes)
we would have drooled over this many ice machines at the CIA
kitchen11.JPG (115061 bytes)
line of ovens
kitchen12.JPG (151391 bytes)
dish station
kitchen13.JPG (169214 bytes)
banquet area
kitchen20.JPG (147130 bytes)
the bakery being scrubbed
kitchen21.JPG (153970 bytes)
kitchen6.JPG (99154 bytes)
queenmary.JPG (99865 bytes) I'm walking around the kitchen area, and I stumble on a room with several of these signs on it. It made me pause.
queenmary2.JPG (80998 bytes) I'm even more confused. I found this sign yesterday. I asked what it meant, and got no real answer.

kitchen29.JPG (169374 bytes)

I really feel sorry for this one....

kitchen23.JPG (142602 bytes)
kitchen26.JPG (144315 bytes)

kitchen27.JPG (97898 bytes)

When we clean the fish room, we clean all of it

racheljd.JPG (142176 bytes)
Rachel and JD
roomservice1.JPG (151665 bytes)

oyster1.JPG (175346 bytes)

A lot of oysters

lobster.JPG (144214 bytes)\

This is JD...but the lobster is still hanging on to a piece of bread


queenmary3.JPG (112973 bytes) the mystery is solved....this is a "queen mary".

I have yet to find out why it is called a "queen mary"....

storage3.JPG (146256 bytes)
A lot of sauces

silverware.JPG (229220 bytes)
A lot of silverware

filet1.JPG (199318 bytes)
filet2.JPG (173531 bytes)

filet3.JPG (209156 bytes)

680 filet mignon...

to be grilled

filet4.JPG (207655 bytes)

how long do you suppose that took?

filet6.JPG (192851 bytes)

banquet1.JPG (124278 bytes)
When we have to plate many dishes (let's say, 250 or more), we do it on a conveyor belt....

banquet2.JPG (122228 bytes)

banquet4.JPG (122190 bytes)

banquet5.JPG (139159 bytes)

timjeremy1.JPG (113006 bytes)

kitchen30.JPG (126828 bytes)

kitchen31.JPG (123674 bytes)

kitchen32.JPG (129253 bytes)

kitchen33.JPG (107544 bytes)
Heather and James

kitchen35.JPG (132300 bytes)

kitchen40.JPG (72934 bytes)

kitchen37.JPG (115863 bytes)

kitchen38.JPG (116273 bytes)

kitchen39.JPG (88982 bytes)

kitchen42.JPG (105698 bytes)



kitchen45.JPG (124473 bytes)


kitchen34.JPG (146461 bytes)

kitchen43.JPG (159176 bytes)
"a forest?"

kitchen41.JPG (145332 bytes)

kitchen36.JPG (171922 bytes)
This is cool...salad trees

kitchen44.JPG (119478 bytes)

garmo100.jpg (141245 bytes)
The Garmo "Garde Manger" cooler

storereoom1.JPG (214168 bytes)
Now that's a spice rack

storeroom3.JPG (144150 bytes)
Gallons of goodies

storeroom4.JPG (136219 bytes)

garmo111.jpg (136674 bytes)
It's filled with so many goodies

Unfortunately, this stock boiled....breaks the heart.  It had to be dumped.

kitchen51.JPG (132361 bytes)

kitchen52.JPG (121695 bytes)

kitchen53.JPG (167943 bytes)


kitchen50.JPG (103359 bytes)
Plastic wrap is valuable...very valuable

kitchen56.JPG (182742 bytes)
Shrimp boat

tool1.JPG (118459 bytes)

One day a runner grabbed my knife and started to use it to open a pickle bucket (they come in 5 gallon buckets). After expressing my dismay, it was explained to this person that what they needed was the bucket key...which is the above instrument.

kitchen54.JPG (116547 bytes)

kitchen55.JPG (117805 bytes)

IMG_1968.JPG (85268 bytes)
IMG_1969.JPG (93304 bytes)
Okay, those two are not at the hotel. They were on the roof of an apartment near mine.
IMG_2446.JPG (94512 bytes)
Just in case you were wondering where Carmen Miranda is these days...she's in a box in our hotel basement
IMG_2207.JPG (175994 bytes)
IMG_2209.JPG (137108 bytes)
IMG_2210.JPG (143412 bytes)
IMG_2445.JPG (155967 bytes)
IMG_2469.JPG (106472 bytes)
IMG_2480.JPG (113151 bytes)
IMG_2481.JPG (127533 bytes)
IMG_2497.JPG (87157 bytes)
IMG_2490.JPG (80299 bytes)
IMG_2501.JPG (119419 bytes)
IMG_2503.JPG (114727 bytes)
working in the store room
IMG_2504.JPG (112527 bytes)
IMG_2509.JPG (83907 bytes)
IMG_2470.JPG (159690 bytes)
IMG_2498.JPG (102226 bytes)

IMG_2520.JPG (96904 bytes) Chef's Chair...

IMG_2537.JPG (107249 bytes)

Larry, Germain, and Me

IMG_2568.JPG (149667 bytes)
IMG_2569.JPG (120117 bytes)

IMG_2607.JPG (119786 bytes)

Kitchen meeting

IMG_2610.JPG (98616 bytes)

IMG_2613.JPG (87959 bytes)


IMG_2614.JPG (95336 bytes)
IMG_2615.JPG (93971 bytes)

IMG_2619.JPG (101433 bytes)

Jeremy and Tim

IMG_2623.JPG (114097 bytes)
The last few remaining days' no particular order
IMG_2624.JPG (136609 bytes)
IMG_2625.JPG (114902 bytes)
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IMG_2659.JPG (139491 bytes) IMG_2660.JPG (180460 bytes) IMG_2667.JPG (172536 bytes) IMG_2683.JPG (129541 bytes) IMG_2685.JPG (122943 bytes)
IMG_2686.JPG (125755 bytes) IMG_2687.JPG (117519 bytes)     IMG_2774.JPG (102513 bytes)
IMG_2777.JPG (72675 bytes) IMG_2781.JPG (60357 bytes) IMG_2796.JPG (128353 bytes) IMG_2800.JPG (152530 bytes) IMG_2806.JPG (143084 bytes)
IMG_2808.JPG (130318 bytes) IMG_2810.JPG (154849 bytes) IMG_2812.JPG (107354 bytes) IMG_2813.JPG (132579 bytes) IMG_2817.JPG (126386 bytes)
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IMG_2856.JPG (136041 bytes) IMG_2857.JPG (135254 bytes) IMG_2861.JPG (125820 bytes) IMG_2865.JPG (156412 bytes) IMG_2870.JPG (146788 bytes)
    IMG_2473.JPG (116506 bytes)    
IMG_2476.JPG (135514 bytes)

litterman1.JPG (132113 bytes)
How many other externship sites have their own in-house superhero.  I give you.....


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