Skills 2 Pictures



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End-of-class lecture time
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We do tend to make a mess
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Kevin and his hollandaise
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Our blast freezer where we cool the stock after bagging...water circulates rapidly throughout it at 1 degree Celcius
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Lining for the grading of our dishes
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This is ONE of the many shipments of chicken bones that get turned into stock each day...each box weighs 40 pounds
The other day we had a couple visitors (aren't they cute). The one in the corner kept scooting across the floor. We came up with many names for it, but I liked, "Giblet" the best. The one in the pan fell out of the ceiling...we never named that one. Both were caught by our great hunter, Eric, and released outside.
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Assignment for the day
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Where we store our stuff in class
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Doc and pasta
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My first-ever hand-made tortellini
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