Meat Identification Pre-Test Examples

Remember...ya gotta name the type of meat (beef, pork, etc.) and whether it is dry or moist cooked.

Good luck to Everyone!


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1. Center Cut Pork Loin (dry cook)

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2. Fresh Pork Belly (dry cook)
3. Pork Tenderloin (dry cook)

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4. Pork Boston Butt (dry or moist cook)
5. Pork Baby Back Ribs (dry or moist cook)

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6. Boneless duck Breas (dry cook)
7. Duck Leg (dry or moist cook)

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8. Veal hind shank (moist cook)
9. Trimmed veal loin (dry cook)

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10. Veal shoulder --remember the muscles go every which way (moist cook)
11. Veal top round, cap off (dry cook)

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12. Proscuitto (ready to eat)
13. Beef short ribs (moist cook)

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14. Corned beef brisket (moist cook)

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15. Beef shoulder clod (moist cook) "Every clod has a silver lining"

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16. Beef top round (dry cook)

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17. Beef flank steak (dry cook)
18. Export beef rib (dry cook) - 109D

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19. Boneless beef ribeye lip on (dry cook) 112A
20. Boneless beef striploin (dry cook) 180

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21. PSMO beef tenderloin (dry cook) 189A

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22. Lamb top round (dry cook)
23. Lamb shank (moist cook)

24_25_26.jpg (92649 bytes)

24. Frenched rack of lamb, New Zealand (dry cook)
25. Leg-o-lamb (dry cook)
26. Lamb, square cut shoulder (dry or moist cook)

26_27_28_two.jpg (98772 bytes)

26. (again) Lamb, square cut shoulder (dry or moist cook)
27. Frenched rack of lamb rack, US (dry cook)
28. Trimmed lamb loin or lamb saddle (dry cook)