Meat Fabrication Pictures


We began with beef

The entrance to the meat fabrication room

Our first task: de-bone beef shanks

Darn good shanking

Mac and her shank

Jersey and his shank

My shank

Fat trimmings

Chef Schneller and the ban saw
This would be the pork day

Alicia and her loin

My trimmed pork loin....the rack is in the background, the tenderloin is on the right, the full loin is in front

Chef does a great Groucho Marx impersonation

A wounded, but trussed, loin. Upon looking at it, Jersey said, "Where did I come from?"

That would be your tenderloin

My pork cutlets...not bad...not great, but not bad

My medallions....these were much better

The master of veal cutlets

"Expert" trussing...okay, it's just mine

Little piggies that have already gone to market
Then there was lamb day...Chef cut up a lamb, we got goats

Some would consider this disrespectful, but hey, everyone's got a butt

Yes, I am sawing off the head with a hack saw

This is considered to be "usable trim"...the offals, head, etc...and it just keeps staring at you through the bag

Jim really seems to enjoy this
The last day was SAUSAGES
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