Given the number of knives and such that we have........
Given the stoves, ovens, salamanders surrounding us........
Given that we climb over each other while carrying sticky, slimy stuff....

We inevitably injure ourselves.

Here are a few lovely examples


Doc's Section

burn1.jpg (108865 bytes)

This is a lovely burn from a hotel pan...it was one of those moments where in the frenzy of serving, a pan had to be moved and I only had one side towel with me and so a choice had to be made....my forearm bore the burden

burn2.jpg (86726 bytes)

bandaids1.jpg (114834 bytes)

I was having a bad week in meat fabrication

rightfoot.jpg (108872 bytes)

This was lovely...I rolled my ankle in 30 minutes after starting a catering gig.


I touched a pan. Well, that's not entirely accurate in the most palpable description.

I had to lift a large sautoir from the stove to a sink. I picked it up and my right hand slipped and my index finger came into contact with the pan...I heard it sizzle
While the whole thing only took about 9 seconds...the result was a 3rd degree burn
finger1.JPG (110056 bytes)

americas204.JPG (103364 bytes)

Opie managed to slice right into (almost through) his thumb while cutting an onion



finger2.JPG (106770 bytes)

notice that it made a crater in my finger

opiethumb1.JPG (181540 bytes)
opiethumb2.JPG (100341 bytes)