General Pictures


Group 169 (Skills 1 & 2) -- My First Group. Chef Johnson is on the left.
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Group 289 (Cuisines of the Americas) -- My Second Group. Chef Brash is in the middle of the first row
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Group 289 (Breakfast Cookery) -- My Second Group continues. Chef Johnson is on the right
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Looking at the back of my dorm

Since I went to graduate school in Carbondale, was surprising to see a sign for Carbondale, on my way to Hyde has been said that all roads lead to Carbondale.

Chris and Kelley

General driving in NY

Gazebo chat

There are geese on campus

Many geese on campus

These, we named, "fois," "gras," and "pate"....they're so cut
Ms. Julia child deserves a row all to herself
Of pictures when she was inducted into the CIA Hall of Fame

Walking around campus

Pictures of the Hudson River...which is basically my back yard

A bakery you can watch when you go down the hallway

You're watching it when you stand in this hallway

Roth Hall, from a distance

Main entrance to Roth Hall... the original monestary, the place where we have most of our classes, the place where we eat, and it's a pretty groovy place




Tex and Opie


Doc (me)



John "Jersey"



This would be the "red hat" society"...the travel around and eat at various places

Don't mess with this person
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My parents sent me this comic to accompany my math assignments
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This is where we clean the giant's fun
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This is the garbage dumpster for food
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garbage3.jpg (209490 bytes) many different food items can be identified?
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I'm not sure why, but this was in the elevator
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There's something more than a little strange about this.  I mean, this is a cooking school.
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More garbage pictures
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The thing is, disgusting as the trash bins are...they're also fascinating
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Typical lunch
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Resting after dinner and before cleanup
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Yes, some people shave this way
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How they got this pattern on the side of the cake is a complete mystery
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My grandma sent me this card for Thanksgiving.
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yoda13.JPG (144807 bytes)This would be Chef Yoda
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