Fish Fabrication


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Hi...I'm a fish
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First day identifications
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That would be a halibut
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That's your cod family
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Some "happy" flounder
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Even happier squid
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Now the squid are not so happy
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Eric and the squid
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The "fish family" I found in the squid box
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Kelley and "Bob"
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Most of our fabrication for the evening...doesn't show the squid
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Tile Fish
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Be-headed flounder
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Alicia be-heading flounder
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Kelley making an ice-run
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This is a wolf fish
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Cute...isn't it?
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Just can't stop taking pictures of it
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It's also now called the "Kelley fish" because she couldn't stand to look at it so Chef chased her around with it
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Actually, it's quite delicious and the cheecks are especially tender
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Our fabrication for the doesn't show the squid
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Kelley and I did the cod
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It only took four days...but John Jersey finally produced a good salmon filet
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Kelley and cod
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Doc and cod
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My "prizes" from the squid boxes. The sand dollar is named Hubert...after Chef Martini. and the Starfish is Gerald.
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Fish Jeopardy
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That's a female lobster
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Scallop shells
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Mother of pearl
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Kelley is forced to fabricate the Wolf (Kelley) Fish
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Alicia taking the bones out of a rainbow trout
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Oysters for our tasting
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Cleaning up
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Ted likes oysters
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This was David's first oyster
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"it was a brave man, who first ate an oyster..." Atsa good line
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Mac....she "donta" eat the oyster
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The "ID" test
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Chef sedates the lobster before killing it
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The whole blue bucket was full of "unhappy" fish
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Jersey masters salmon
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Soft Shell Crab
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Our "tastings" for the evening
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