Driving and Traveling

Now that our first 6 months are over at school, we're off to our externs.  Here are pics of the travels.


Doc's 19-hour drive to Wisconsin
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Doc's 25-hour drive to Florida

Just a traffic jam around Atlanta that lasted several hours

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A cryptic message I saw stuck on the bottom of a bathroom stall door at some rest stop somewhere near Chattanooga
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Okay...this deserves its own section

Near the city of Effingham, IL, there is a church (don't know the name) with a big cross next to the highway.  The cross is big...really big.......like it's bigger-than-God big.

The pictures are taken at two different times, approaching it from two directions.  The first picture in the first row is taken from over a mile away.

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Doc's drive to work
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Visiting Chef Ben in Atlanta
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