Cuisines of Asia


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Chef Pardus on left

Darth Pardus on right

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120,000 BTU's fuel the wok burners....that's very VERY hot

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When preparing to cook most things, we hvae to have three of everything

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The picture of the "unfortuante fish" in Skills 3......well, it turns out the fish came from this kitchen. I was the lucky one to make this particular school of fried fish.

Chef Kumar Fills in for Chef Pardus

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Chef Martini visits us again

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This is a very strange-looking  fruit.  It's called a Durian and comes from Thailand.  I won't say what several of us  said it looked like, but I can verify that if you can get over the look and the initial smell, it's rather tasty.

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A Tandoori oven is a traditional Indian oven. It's clay, usually has a charcoal center bottom (ours was gas), and you cook lots of stuff in it at very high heat. The chicken you see is on long skewers and is inserted from the top. The other stuff is bread (nann) that is squished to the side by hand, and then cokoed and then peeled out with long metal skewers.
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This is Matt...trying to fish out the bread...notice all the wonderful angles and positions he achieves in his efforts...
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Studying for the final on the last day of class
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Kevin celebrates the end of Cuisines of Asia




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