Cuisines of the Americas


On October 4, 2004, we (group 289) began Cuisines of the Americas with Chef "Freddy-Guy" Brash. A lot of the faces are going to continue to be the same, and for those not at the CIA, the kitchens will look alike...but for the rest of us, we just like looking at ourselves in slightly different kitchens cooking new things.


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Every once in a while I get lucky and a picture turns out really cool

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Okay...this is cheap...but let's see (fellow group-mates) if we can identify which butt belongs to whom...
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Chef Brash

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The job of the Sous Chef is to call out the orders to the group

Opie is our first Sous Chef.
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Matt is third....sorry Wilson...I missed ya.

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Big Mike's Turn

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Kevin's Turn

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John's Turn
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Mac's Turn
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Tom's Turn
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Working the Line
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Trying to get a "working profile" section going.
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This is how to strain something through cheesecloth that requires two people
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General "foods" section
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Pan Smoking
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I got to make my family's recipe for red cabbage
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Okay, I have no idea why the picture makes these look green...actually, they looked great

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"Family Meal" (when we eat together after service) is now very nice...we eat in a different dining room, and the staff sets up a table just for us, and we all sit together with the Chef for dinner.
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K-17, our new kitchen, has two walls with windows to the tourists walk by many times and watch us. My personal goal so far is to get them to wave at us. Our group goal seems to be to get them to throw us food....since we feel like we're being watched like animals in a zoo.
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I put up a sign in the window that said, "Don't Feed the Animals"
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Finally...a picture looking in
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Then One Day the Girl Scouts Came By
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I will try to take pictures of each of the dishes we serve
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This is how people choose what to order
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Salt Cod Cakes, Cole Slaw and Remoulade

americas28.JPG (122599 bytes)
Johnnycakes with Mushrooms, White Cheddar, Broccoli and Squash
americas27.JPG (97962 bytes)
Poached Farmhouse Chicken with Biscuits
americas10.JPG (111461 bytes)
Mesculin with Apple Cider Vinaigrette
americas30.JPG (114154 bytes)
Yankee Pot Roast, Root Vegetables, Peas, and Pearl Onions
americas41.JPG (89579 bytes)
Pan Fried Trout with Wild Rice Pilaf and Glazed Carrots

americas71.JPG (116621 bytes)
Eggplant Parmesan

americas43.JPG (113771 bytes)
Shaker Stuffed Flank Steak with Spatzle and Green Beans

americas44.JPG (122679 bytes)
Iowa Pork Chop with Potato Pancakes

americas62.JPG (112456 bytes)
Caesar Salad

americas67.JPG (124555 bytes)
Trout, day 2

americas63.JPG (180697 bytes)
Sauteed NY Strip with spuds au gratin and a kickin' salad

americas64.JPG (135237 bytes)
Braised Shaker Steak
americas66.JPG (114053 bytes)
americas61.JPG (98926 bytes)
"mid-west" salad
americas68.JPG (122515 bytes)
Trout, day 2
americas73.JPG (167954 bytes)
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Shaker 2
americas90.JPG (137429 bytes)
Crayfish Etouffe, Stuffed Chayote
americas91.JPG (133124 bytes)
Pan fried Pane Veal with red beans and rice and sauteed spinach
americas92.JPG (123173 bytes)
Grilled vegetables and Jambalya
americas93.JPG (114904 bytes)
Buttermilk fried chicken, potatoes, braised collard greens, country gravy
americas94.JPG (140412 bytes)
All that I could get on my plate last friday
americas107.JPG (144125 bytes)
Jerked game hen, rice and beans, pineapple-jicama salsa, tostones
americas109.JPG (152123 bytes)
Guava-glazed pork ribs, boniato fries, jicama slaw
americas110.JPG (138516 bytes)
Curry goat, green papaya salsa, roti
americas111.JPG (148956 bytes)
Grilled vegetable club, boniato fries and jicama slaw
americas116.JPG (129243 bytes)
Red snapper with Indian River grapefruit salsa, black bean mash, annatto rice
americas114.JPG (155211 bytes)
Pineapple tree

americas172.JPG (135291 bytes)
Poblano relleno with squash salsa, mushrooms and guacamole

americas174.JPG (150450 bytes)
Cioppino with garlic crostini
americas175.JPG (162681 bytes)
New Mexican green chile stew with Navajo bread
americas113.JPG (134612 bytes)

americas176.JPG (156996 bytes)

Roasted Peking duck with balsamic sauce, herb polenta, and roasted carrots

americas179.JPG (138810 bytes)
Pork with red chili sauce, fried corn bread, creamed pinto beans, flour tortillas

americas180.JPG (159254 bytes)
Shrimp in achote sauce, pickled onions, tamales in salsa verde in banana leaves
americas181.JPG (117385 bytes)
Quesadillas, salsa verde and salsa roja, borracho beans, tender sprouts
americas182.JPG (109533 bytes)
Pescada al Veracruzana, arros blanco, fried plantains
americas183.JPG (139402 bytes)
Mole coloradito Oaxaqueno with chicken, arroz blanco, corn tortillas
americas213.JPG (129393 bytes)
Pato con Higos, saute duck with figs, mashed sweet potatoes with ginger, spinach, fried sweet potato shavings
americas214.JPG (126064 bytes)
americas215.JPG (114754 bytes)