My 5th Semester Practical Culinary Exam

here are the six menus we had to prepare for...sorry...for which we had to prepare:

Menu 1
Shallow Poach, Sauce Vin Blanc
Saute: Chicken Fricassee
Polenta or Risotto
Battonet of Root Veges and Pearl Onions
Snap peas/similar

Menu 2
Deep Poach, Hollandaise
Saute: Strip Steak, Marchand de Vin
Anna Potatoes
String beans/similar

Menu 3
Saute Fish Filet or Scallops, Buerre Blanc
Grill: Fish Filet, Red Pepper Coulis
Duxelle Stuffed Something (tomato or zucchini)

Menu 4
Shallow Poach, Sauce Vin Blanc
Roast Beef, Jus Lie
Spud au Gratin
Grilled Veges

Menu 5
Deep Poach, Hollandaise
Pan Fry Pork Cutlet, Sauce Piquante
Glazed Beets
String beans/similar

Menu 6
Saute Fish Filet or Scallops, Buerre Blanc
Poach: Chicken Breast, Cuisson reduction, Veloute Base
Fresh Pasta
Sautéed Seasonal Mushrooms
Broccoli Rabe/similar


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Okay, so I drew #4....but the poach turned out to be the striped bass we had on hand
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